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Press Release.  

Date: July 5, 2020 

Subject: re: "The Whittler" 

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David Chenault 


The Whittler 

Hey old man 
What kinds of stories do you have 
for me today 
Hey old man 
Are you to sit there on that park bench 
and whittle your days away 
Hey old man 
You sit there on the banks 
of the river shore 
And you reflect on tides that drift on by 
that never will no more 

Hey old man 
Recallin' masterworks carved 
from driftwood timber 
That were made by two old hands that time 
somehow had left limber 
And secrets shared and bible stories told 
Kingdom secrets revealed to me 
You said that sin was lost 
upon the cross 
and only Jesus sets men free 

Hey old 
Today I sat this park bench all alone 
'Cause I know old man 
That someone said that you had 
gone Home 
And I know old man 
You said only Jesus has a way 
of makin' people free 
And now I pray as I sit here 
on this park bench 
There's a Mansion waitin for me 

Hey old man 
Hey old man 
Hey old man 
Hey old man 

Written, Arranged and Produced 
David Chenault 

David Chenault - vocals, guitars and percussion 
Dow Tomlin - bass guitar 
Wayne Killus - drums 

Copyright ©2020

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