The Whittler is Number One Again! 

This week's featured song is  The Whittler. The Whittler is based on a true story from my childhood. It is currently Number One on the N1M Number One Music charts. 

Check out this week's charts by clicking here: N1M Music ChartsTwo of my other songs, "You've Touched My Heart" and 

"Somewhere Along The Road" are currently at number two and number three. 

Have a great weekend! Talk soon. Blessings, David

The Cost of Producing Music for Downloads 

I get asked all the time about getting new songs uploaded and why it takes so long. Here is the answer... 

I am one hundred percent self-funded

Out of every 1,106 free streaming plays, I average one 99 cent download (which by the way is also the industry average for all artists). 

Of that 99 cents I must pay the Streaming Service Fees, website hosting fees, the financial platforms (Paypal, Bandzoogle.etc), other musicians, Mastering engineer, and other production costs. That leaves approximately 64 cents per download to pay all other costs including sound engineering, equipment costs, copywriters fees, etc. 

That's why it takes months to put a new song up.

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Reviewing David Chenault's 'Somewhere Along The Road Tour' 


From Christian Music Reviews

Reviewing David Chenault's 'Somewhere Along The Road Tour'.

Foggy river bottoms, pilot boats, Pentecostal tent revivals...David Chenault has had many life experiences, and they are very evident in his music. When he was a small boy, his dad would play Hank Williams, Johnny Horton, Johnny Cash, Mahalia Jackson, Country & Western, and Jazz records on an old RCA record player. 

As a result of these early eclectic experiences, David's influences became wide and varied, resulting in a deep love and respect for all forms of traditional American music. 

David was raised in church, in the southern Pentecostal tradition. There, he began to develop a love for the spiritual and soulful sounds of what he calls "Delta Gospel". A sound, he says that "is completely unique to the southern Pentecostal church, but that became the most influential sound ever in American Music". Elvis, Ry Cooder, Creedence Clearwater, Hank Williams, Russ Taff, and entire generations of black musicians, blues players and Rock & Roll musicians, all borrowed heavily from the unique sounds of this "Delta Gospel". 

Even many years later as a rock musician, his fans would mention the unique style and sound of David's music. It seems he simply could not leave his "first love" - or rather, it couldn't leave him. John Fogerty, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Russ Taff, Hank Williams Sr., early Elvis Presley, and many traditional Pentecostal artists, have all had a big influence on David's music. 

Even though you can hear these influences in his music, David Chenault sounds like no one else, and no one else sounds like him. I remember when I first experienced David's music. I saw him on TV in Ohio, it was a live concert at a church in Cincinnati. I was taken aback by his music's uniqueness and freshness. I had never heard any Christian artist quite like him. 

David is one of those rare artist's that is much better live and in person, than he is in a studio. His live performances are what really won me over. I must admit, a while later when I got the chance to catch him live in concert in Huntington, West Virginia, that I immediately became a fan. 

The one thing that I think separates David from his peers is his songwriting. Rare is the artist who can arrange, write and produce as prolifically as he does. His poetry and lyrical mastery are evident throughout his songwriting. 

His honest approach and obvious love for traditional American gospel music is infectious and compelling. Now I too am a fan of this "Delta Gospel". My hope is that he will continue to write, produce, and perform Christian music for us all. Believe me, when I say that Christian Music needs David Chenault much more than he needs it... 

If you love traditional American music , music that is primal, original and relevant, and music that invokes the Spirit and speaks of a life lived by faith, you will truly love the epic poetry and soulful grace of David Chenault... 

by : Richard Leek 
Christian Music Reviews

From David Chenault Brand New Song Released! 



Listen to: "Somewhere Along The Road"

I am super excited to announce that my latest track, "Somewhere Along The Road" is being officially released today! 

I wanted you guys to be the first to hear it. "Somewhere Along The Road" is probably the most personal and autobiographical song I have ever written. It is an honest first-hand account of my experiences with and knowledge of my walk with our Lord and Savior. 

The song is written from and admittedly with a highly allegorical and personal perspective of life and faith in Jesus Christ. I admit it uses a lot of imagery to accomplish it's point but I believe it works to keep things interesting and honest, 

Please give it a spin and let me know what you think. I pray you like it and I am truly grateful for all the good and great things I am blessed with. 

David Chenault



Hello and Greetings from the Recording Studio. 

Hello everyone! 

I hope you are doing well and everything is going great for you. I wanted to update you on what's been going on. For the past few weeks, I have been in the studio working on my latest track entitled "Somewhere Along The Road". 

With all the changes that have been going on due to Covid 19, I thought you might find it interesting to know that this social distancing thing actually has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me. 

As a by-product of Covid, I have worked out a system with some awesome musicians where we share files back and forth across this amazing thing we call the Internet. The Internet has made it possible for me to write and record the rhythm tracks on guitar, then to share these files one by one with the other players. Then, each one of them lays down their part and returns it back to me for final approval. 

From start to finished product, It usually takes about a month to complete each track. This allows me to proceed at a steady but rapid pace and also gives me the flexibility to produce the final product at home in my DAW without any loss in sound quality. 

As a result of all of this, I have rediscovered my love for producing music. I obviously am a songwriter first, but I also love to produce. I hope you find this interesting, I tried not to bore you with too many details. Like I said, I just wanted to touch base with you and keep you informed. 

Thank you for taking the time to read. I will continue to keep you informed in the next few days on the progress of the new track. You will be among the first to hear it and of course you will be able to download it or just STREAM it for FREE! 
I will talk to you soon. Please be on the lookout for my next message. 

Thanks so much for reading. 

David Chenault

"You've Touched My Heart" - a brand new single! 

Press release.

Date August 4, 2020

Title:"You've Touched My Heart"

Artist/composer: David Chenault

Stream FREE:



You've Touched My Heart 

You've touched my heart 
and made me whole 
You've touched my heart 
and made me whole 
With manna from Heaven 
Lord, You fed my soul 
You've touched my heart 
and made me whole 

Jesus I now can plainly see 
The sacrifice 
You paid for me 
I came in search for You 
in darkness 
now I see 
You've touched my heart 
and made me whole 

I bring a sacrifice of praise 
I know that You inhabit there 
I've come into a holy place 
To find Your presence 

You've touched my heart 
and made me whole 
You've touched my heart 
and made me whole 
I know You walk beside me 
everywhere I go 
You've touched my heart 
and made me whole 

You've touched my heart 
and made me whole 


David Chenault - lead & harmony vocals, guitars

Dave Cleveland - guitar 
Dow Tomlin - bass guitar 
Shannon Forrest - drums 
Blair Masters, piano 
The Country Souls - background vocals 

Written, Arranged and Produced 
David Chenault 

Copyright © 2020

"The Whittler" Press Release  









Press Release.  

Date: July 5, 2020 

Subject: re: "The Whittler" 

Streaming Link: The Whittler


David Chenault 


The Whittler 

Hey old man 
What kinds of stories do you have 
for me today 
Hey old man 
Are you to sit there on that park bench 
and whittle your days away 
Hey old man 
You sit there on the banks 
of the river shore 
And you reflect on tides that drift on by 
that never will no more 

Hey old man 
Recallin' masterworks carved 
from driftwood timber 
That were made by two old hands that time 
somehow had left limber 
And secrets shared and bible stories told 
Kingdom secrets revealed to me 
You said that sin was lost 
upon the cross 
and only Jesus sets men free 

Hey old 
Today I sat this park bench all alone 
'Cause I know old man 
That someone said that you had 
gone Home 
And I know old man 
You said only Jesus has a way 
of makin' people free 
And now I pray as I sit here 
on this park bench 
There's a Mansion waitin for me 

Hey old man 
Hey old man 
Hey old man 
Hey old man 

Written, Arranged and Produced 
David Chenault 

David Chenault - vocals, guitars and percussion 
Dow Tomlin - bass guitar 
Wayne Killus - drums 

Copyright ©2020

The Official Release of "The Whittler" is Here! 

Hello everybody. I am super excited to announce that "The Whittler"  has now officially been released for purchase, downloads and streaming! I had an absolute blast recording it. It's always a pleasure of mine to play along with other musicians and groove on what they bring to each project. In this case, I had the immense pleasure of working along side the awesome Dow Tomlin on bass guitar and the amazing Wayne Killus on drums.

Essentially, this track has a very simple sound and approach. My idea from the beginning for this song was just straight ahead rock and roll. So, the track has myself on guitars and just a bass guitar and drums. I am also well pleased with the mastering on it. The track was mastered (as all of mine are), at AfterMaster Studios in Hollywood California. Pete Doell, the mastering engineer, has mastered projects for many Hollywood movies and dozens of famous clients. He is a very articulate and impressive professional.

Anyway, I wanted you that are on my mailing list and fans lists to be among the first to stream or download "The Whittler" Please stop by my website at and give it a listen. I would greatly appreciate it. You can download it or stream it for FREE! And, while you are there, please stop by my about/guestbook page and leave a comment or just say hi.

Blessings. Talk soon,



News from the Studio and a BRAND NEW version of "The Whittler" 

Hey everybody. Just a short note to tell you what's up. I am finishing up this coming week on a brand new arrangement and recording of my song "The Whittler." For those of you familiar with the song, this new arrangement is very different. Things have been simplified. On the track it's just me on guitars, a bass guitar and drums. I have been very blessed to have two amazing, world-class musicians with me on bass and drums. I plan to finish up with recording the vocal this coming week. Then I will send it off for mastering. I will post again and keep you informed when I release it, hopefully in the next seven to ten days.