Lincoln State Park - Lincoln City, Indiana 

We had a great time at Lincoln State Park this morning. People were blessed and we all had a great time in the Lord. Although, I must admit, it can be a little tough to sing and play at eight A.M. I am usually still working on my first cup of coffee that early in the morning. Thanks to Brother Steve Staub for a great word that he shared with us this morning.

I am looking forward to our next event at the park. 

Blessed as always,



New Single Just Released - "The New Jerusalem" 

It's been sometime coming but we just uploaded my newest single entitled "The New Jerusalem" - on the Number One Music platform. I am extremely excited to be back in the studio and to be writing, recording and producing! I wanted you all to be the first ones to get to listen to my new track before it is released to the general public.

This entire album project, which is to be entitled "Somewhere Along The Road" - is being mastered at AfterMaster Studios in Hollywood, California by Pete Doell. Pete is internationally recognized as a premier mastering audio technician. Pete has worked on many hit movies and for international music artists of all genres. His client list reads like a who's who of famous singers and artists. I am blessed to have Pete and the entire AfterMaster staff on my team!

My goal is to release a new track about every three to four weeks from now on out. I will keep you up to date on the progress of the new album project as we go. We now have four new tracks complete and six more to go, before the new project will be complete. The new album is to be entitled "Somewhere Along The Road". The album will be available in both downloadable and CD format. I am looking forward to and am very excited about finishing this project. Please stop by for a visit on my N1M site and check out the new track and other information.

Thank you for reading and stayed blessed.



Recording Studio Frustrations. 

I just spent the entire afternoon in the studio trying to get the lead vocal on my new track,  "The New Jerusalem" recorded. After nine takes, I didn't get it right. Oh! the frustration lol... I have never been a big fan of the recording studio, I much prefer playing live. I think it even causes me more frustration because I wrote that song! You would think a guy could get his own song right... grrr...

Oh! well, there's always tomorrow. I can begin again my love/hate relationship with recording. I gotta go in there tomorrow and just knock this thing out. Just nail it. You know what I mean?

Oh! well. Later.


Believe and Receive. 

What a beautiful day. What a blessed day. What a great day to be alive. Have you taken the time to think positive thoughts today? If you think positive thoughts, you will get positive results in your life. Practice thinking positive. Develop a sense of gratitude. Believe and receive. Then watch your whole life change.

Psalm 34:18 

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” ~ Psalm 34:18

A Healthy You Makes Way for Great Music. Take Care of Yourself. 

The 30 day challenge. Sick and tired of being overweight, sick and tired? Want to feel better, become healthy, and reverse disease? ... Avoid the "GOADS" and get off the "SAD" (Standard American Diet). You can greatly improve your health and reverse many diseases, all while losing weight. AVOID: the G.O.A.D.S. (All GOADS cause inflammation. Inflammation contributes to almost all chronic diseases). GOADS are: G. - GRAINS - and GLUTEN. O. - OIL. - All vegetable oils. A. - ALL- man-made, processed, packaged, refined, fake foods. (IF it's packaged, in a box, etc; it's usually refined. There are some exceptions - cold caught Salmon, canned chicken breast fresh frozen vegetables, and a few others, read the label). If there are any man-made artificial ingredients or additives, DON'T EAT IT! Including breakfast cereals, breads, crackers, potato chips, packaged foods, all fast foods, etc.. D. - DAIRY milk. Cut out all dairy milk. Substitute almond milk and other nut milks. S. - SUGAR. Never intentionally eat anything with sugar in it. Do: Use only 100 percent Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil, Butter, or Coconut Oil - (butter and cheeses are optional). Eat only certified organic vegetables, free range, and grass fed meats whenever possible. Do the best you can if you don't have access to organic. As stated above, cheese and butter are optional. Some people choose to eliminate all dairy products. Eat vegetables at every meal. Eat a moderate amount of fruit. NEVER eat margarine. Margarine is toxic to your body! NEVER eat sugar. Sugar has been shown to be the number one inflammatory, and has been shown to have a direct link to cancer and inflammation. Inflammation is present in all chronic disease. If you want to lose weight rapidly, limit your carb intake to 20 grams or fewer per day. Try this lifestyle for 30 days, and you won't believe the difference in how you look and feel! I live this lifestyle. I lost 37 pounds, I feel great. I do not miss the SAD way of eating. Take the 30 day challenge. Try doing this for 30 days. You will be glad you did.