"Somewhere Along The Road"


David Chenault - lead & harmony vocals, guitars, six string banjo, percussion

Dave Cleveland - guitar - (You've Touched My Heart)

Brent Mason - guitar - (The Whittler)

Scott Vestal - banjo - (The Whittler)

Dow Tomlin - bass guitar - (You've Touched My Heart)

Craig Young - bass guitar - (The Whittler)

Byron House - bass guitar - (Somewhere Along The Road)

Shannon Forrest - drums - (You've Touched My Heart)

Brian Fullen - drums - (The Whittler - Somewhere Along The Road)

Blair Masters - piano - (You've Touched My Heart)

Mike Rojas - Piano - (The Whittler)

John Jarvis - piano - (Somewhere Along The Road)

'Jelly Roll'Johnson - harmonica - (Somewhere Along The Road)

The Country Souls - background vocals 


All songs Written, Arranged and Produced 
David Chenault


Mastered by Pete Doell 
At AfterMaster Audio Labs 
Hollywood, California


Copyright © 2021