The Official Release of "The Whittler" is Here!

Hello everybody. I am super excited to announce that "The Whittler"  has now officially been released for purchase, downloads and streaming! I had an absolute blast recording it. It's always a pleasure of mine to play along with other musicians and groove on what they bring to each project. In this case, I had the immense pleasure of working along side the awesome Dow Tomlin on bass guitar and the amazing Wayne Killus on drums.

Essentially, this track has a very simple sound and approach. My idea from the beginning for this song was just straight ahead rock and roll. So, the track has myself on guitars and just a bass guitar and drums. I am also well pleased with the mastering on it. The track was mastered (as all of mine are), at AfterMaster Studios in Hollywood California. Pete Doell, the mastering engineer, has mastered projects for many Hollywood movies and dozens of famous clients. He is a very articulate and impressive professional.

Anyway, I wanted you that are on my mailing list and fans lists to be among the first to stream or download "The Whittler" Please stop by my website at and give it a listen. I would greatly appreciate it. You can download it or stream it for FREE! And, while you are there, please stop by my about/guestbook page and leave a comment or just say hi.

Blessings. Talk soon,