In The Studio This Week

Hello! I thought I would drop a line here and let you know I am in the studio the next few days working up new guitar and vocal tracks for my song "The Whittler". I am very excited about this track. I have been planning on working on "The Whittler" for some time. 

"The Whittler" is actually the first Christian themed song I ever wrote. It is based on a true story about a man in my home town. He and I used to sit and talk on the river bank on a park bench. I was fascinated by his carvings. He would take driftwood out of the river and whittle works of art out of it.

The song is very personal to me. I look forward to getting it finished this week. As soon as I get it recorded, engineered and mastered, I will let you know. Thanks for reading.

Talk soon,



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