Little Pigeon Baptist Church

We had a great time at Little Pigeon Baptist Church this morning. I did a set of old hymns including "Holy Ground" and "The Old Rugged Cross". I believe people were truly blessed. I am always amazed how praisingĀ God through music can bring people into His presence.I am truly blessed that the Lord has given me the drive, the desire and the talent to sing His praises.

Those old hymns are so anointed and spirit-filled. They help me to recharge myself. Sometimes, it is easy to get caught up in my own music and kind of lose sight of how much Gospel music can affect people. Those old hymns are a breath of fresh air for me, and they help to remind me of the calling and anointing God has placed on my life.

I am so very grateful that I am a Gospel Music artist and I thank God for that calling.