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I am excited to announce that I am currently in the studio writing, arranging and producing the new album project "Somewhere Along The Road". The concept for this album has been in creation and development for several years. This album is especially significant to me because it is highly personal and autobiographical. I am blessed to be working with some gifted and special people on this project. I feel that musically I am in the place where God wants me to to be at this time. As we progress track-by-track on this album, I am reminded of God's amazing grace and favor in my life. I am looking forward with excitement to the completion of this project. I am especially blessed and grateful to be a part of the creation of something that brings glory and honor to His name. Blessings, David. 

"I will sing to the Lord as long as I live; I will sing praise to my God while I have my being." 

Psalms 104:33

Events & Bookings

You can book David Chenault for your next event!

David is at this time working in the studio on his new album project. We are currently accepting a limited amount of bookings. If you would like to inquire about David doing an event at your church or organization, please get in touch with us at the Contact Us page on this website. Whether you have a large church or small event or even just a handful of people, and whether for a concert or a fundraiser, there is no event or church too large or too small for us. Contact us today! We will respond to you as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for your interest and comments.

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From Christian Music Reviews:

Reviewing David Chenault's 'Somewhere Along The Road Tour'. 

Foggy river bottoms, pilot boats, Pentecostal tent revivals...

David Chenault has had many life experiences and they are very evident in his music. When he was a small boy, David's dad would play Hank Williams, Johnny Horton, Johnny Cash, Mahalia Jackson, Country & Western,  Jazz, and gospel music records on an old RCA record player.

As a result of these early eclectic experiences, David's influences became wide and varied, resulting in a deep love and respect for all forms of traditional American music.

David was raised in church in the southern Pentecostal tradition. There, he began to develop a love for the spiritual and soulful sounds of what he calls "Delta Gospel" - a sound he says that "is completely unique to the southern Pentecostal church, but that became the most influential sound ever in American Music". Elvis, Ry Cooder, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Hank Williams, Russ Taff, and entire generations of black musicians, blues players and Rock & Roll musicians, all borrowed heavily from the unique sounds of this "Delta Gospel".

Even many years later as a rock musician his fans would often mention the unique style and sound of David's music. It seems he simply could not leave his "first love"  - or rather, it couldn't leave him.

John Fogerty, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Russ Taff, Hank Williams Sr., early Elvis Presley, and many traditional Pentecostal and gospel artists, have all had a big influence on David's music. Even though you can hear these influences in his music, David Chenault sounds like no one else, and no one else sounds like him.

I remember when I first experienced David's music. I saw him on TV in Ohio, it was from a live concert at a church in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I was taken aback by his music's uniqueness and freshness. I had never heard any Christian artist quite like him.

David is one of those rare artist's who is much better live and in person than he is in a studio. His live performances are what really won me over. I must admit a while later when I got the chance to catch him live in concert in Huntington, West Virginia, I immediately became a fan.

The one thing that I think separates David from his peers is his songwriting. Rare is the artist who can arrange, write and produce as prolifically as he does. His poetry and lyrical mastery are evident throughout his songwriting.

David's honest approach to and obvious love for traditional Americana and gospel music is infectious and compelling. Now I too have become a fan of this "Delta Gospel". My hope is that David  will continue to write, produce, and perform Christian music for us all. Believe me, when I say that Christian Music needs David Chenault much more than he needs it...

If you love traditional American music - music that is primal, original and relevant, and music that invokes the Spirit and speaks of a life lived by faith, you will truly love the epic poetry and soulful grace of David Chenault...

by : Richard Leek 
Christian Music Reviews

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