This little light of mine... (beacon obsessed)...

This little light of mine... (beacon obsessed)... My sincere prayer is that when I mention a song or my website on FB or elsewhere, that people don't think that I am boasting. Jesus said do not put your light under a basket, but instead let it shine for the world to see. He also said to set your light on a hill for all to see. My light is music. My sole purpose, and God knows my heart, is to shine my little light. I know some have been offended by me posting my music and website and, I am sorry for that. I know this because I have been told this. I am not a preacher or a teacher; music is all I know. Christian artists all run this risk of seeming self-promoting. My only purpose was and is to shine my little light, and, not to promote myself. This light is something God gave me. It is all I know to do. If I don't let it shine, then the world would never know. And, if only one soul is saved, my candle becomes a beacon. ??

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