Paleo vs Keto.

Take care of yourself, take care of your music. I thought I would post this to also share with others. I do Paleo. Why do I do Paleo? Paleo is like Keto but better for you. I live by the following... Limit carb intake to 20 - 40 grams daily. 20g will cause rapid weight loss 40g for weight maintenance. Avoid the G.O.A.D.S. - Grains/gluten. Oils (all vegetable oils). ALL man-made, fake, refined, boxed, packaged, etc foods. Dairy milk (cheeses and butter are optional). SUGAR (Sugar IS addictive and the biggest source of inflammation). Inflammation is present in all chronic disease. I DO eat cheese and butter. I use Pure 100 percent Virgin Olive oil and/or coconut oil. Always choose organic everything when possible. I drink half my body weight in ounces of water daily. (Bottled, purified, stream - NEVER TAP)... I have lost 37lbs and kept it off. I have never felt better. I call this "Paleo Perfect". Eat great delicious home made meals and never gain weight again. Eat liberal amounts of fruit, and vegetables, organic when possible, limit your sugar intake from fruits. Rid your body of inflammation. Eating the way our ancestors ate. Prevention is the best medicine. ☺ I hope this helps someone.

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